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The internet

Besides the internet’s cruelty, miss functions and scams, the world wouldn’t be the same without it.

I’m proceeding to talk about the internet’s best values and worst in this article. I think that people should realize that the Internet isn’t the best place to be, but it is the best place to be, if that makes sense.

The internet has a lot of badness to it, but it has a big number good things as well. For example, you need to sell your old furniture or a sweater that you never used, but you don’t know how to sell it, the internet is the best place to get the information out there, for example Facebook, a big platform where many people sell tons of difference things.

Internet war:

I think one of the biggest problems involving the internet, people can say basically anything without getting the police called on them, that’s why it’s hard to know what you can say on the internet without causing an internet war, as I call it. Any kind of communication platform can be at risk of war and like I said you can basically say anything and if it gets to out of hand, the police can even get involved, but often that doesn’t happen. The police can’t really do anything about it.

I believe that you can think and believe whatever you want, but there’s no need to spill it all over the Internet and cause other people to get triggered. Homophobia and racism in comment sections on videos and replies to comments can get really brutal. I have been involved in this type of situation, and trust me, it’s not a pleasant sight.

I wish people would just have some manners and keep their mouths shut in situations where that’s needed, but some people just can’t hold themselves. One comment or one reply can cause a big trauma, and especially for the person who made the video or the post, it’s hard to know if the police should get involved in or not.


A good thing about the internet, it’s a really good place to get information for school projects and articles etc. Documentaries and movies that teach kids about the world, social studies and history in a movie which will entertain them as well as teach them something new.

Not secure:

The worst thing in my opinion, the internet is not well secured, especially for kids. There so many sites that children can curiously click on and come to all sorts of games and websites, which can potentially scar them for life, depending on what it is.

For example, you might click on a site and it askes “are your 18” and of course you click it to be able to view the website, there’s no other security. You just click “yes” and that’s it, there’s no putting an email or putting in date birth etc, no other information, which is terrible. And it’s not about parents not having their child’s phone or computer secure or checking what their history is, it’s about the internet not having enough security for these types of websites.

YouTube is quite secure, there is no way of accessing an age-restricted video, not what I know of. There’s not really any way you can watch it, unless you have your child’s YouTube settings over 18. If it’s over 18, it will just say “this video may be inappropriate for some users” and then you can just click “I understand a wish to proceed” and continue. But if it’s age-restricted, there’s nothing you can do. It’s all about the settings.

It might seem weird that a teenager is talking about this, and it is, but I believe that I’m sharp witted and wanting to find out more to improve and add to the information that I already have. I don’t like seeing other people suffer just because of internet bullies and unsecure websites.

Good career:

For some people, they wouldn’t be where they are today without the internet. For example, Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger.

She started making videos on YouTube as a comedy actress Miranda Sing in February 2008, and got many views. Colleen Ballinger is a train singer, but the whole concept of Miranda Sings is that she is an untalented, sassy girl that thinks she’s amazing.

She continued uploading and became really famous. Now she has received more than 2 billion views and 10 million subscribers just by uploading videos on the internet. Which I think it’s actually quite amazing.

In 2016 Colleen Ballinger made a Netflix original television comedy series “Haters Back Off” based on the YouTube character Miranda Sing with 2 seasons which became a big success.

The internet has ways of changing people’s lives, giving people a career that feeds their kids and themselves. That’s why I believe the internet is great, but also terrible.


You have to be careful of what you search, say and do on the internet. You have to be safe, supervised, if your kid, and responsible.

The internet can also be dangerous involving scams that can have you lose all your money or all your personal information and more. There are many bad people in the world among all the good. Sometimes people are really clever when it comes to chatting online. They can seem so harmless until you find out what their intentions are.

That’s why it’s important to have a VPN when you were using public Wi-Fi network, it prevents anyone else from reading your internet activity and personal information.

I’m not too scared about being scammed. It’s easy for me to see signs of scams, although, it is hard to completely know for sure that it’s a scam, but I trust my gut, and I think more people should do that too. You shouldn’t think that you’re missing out on an opportunity that could be life-changing, for example, you get a random message saying “congratulations, you have won 1 million! Just click this link to receive the money”. Normally, it’s a scam, but you never know.

Slow Wi-Fi:

I think many people struggle with slow Wi-Fi. It’s not a major issue, but it’s annoying, especially if you are working and you have a time limit for a project or so. There are tons of reasons why the internet can be slow. Most common, bad signal. I just wait it out, but it’s the most annoying thing in the world.

It’s weird how the internet was created without the internet. Think about that.


Google. The place where everyone goes for help, but you never really know what’s true and not. If you Google that you have a headache, it comes up with cancer or some other life-threatening disease, which is definitely not always true. There are many websites with actual doctors talking about disorders, illnesses and more, but much of it is also fake. I don’t trust Google with my life, some people do, that will put you in a situation where you will have to choose between your doctor or Google or your parents or Google.

My opinion:

Overall, the internet is its own big world and completely time-wasting if you’re looking at the wrong thing. It’s always good to have your own time on the internet doing your own thing that you enjoy, but you can kind of consume yourself into the screen and come back hours later without not even noticing how many hours have gone by. I know that I can sit down at the computer to eat a sandwich and watch YouTube at 4 pm, and then, what seems to me 20 minutes, I look at the time and it’s 8 p.m. Trippy huh.

I would say that I love the Internet. It’s a very good distraction from what’s happening inside and around me. Sometimes it’s nice to just forget for a couple of hours and be happy by watching somebody else’s life or playing video games. I am grateful for the internet, without I wouldn’t even have this blog, I wouldn’t be able to share my musical talents and writing skills.

I would like to know your opinion about the internet, being the way it is, and if you have a specific subject that I could make an article about. I have been writing a lot lately, but I have kind of run out of ideas. I would love to write about something new.


I took this picture a couple days ago when I was out cycling in the evening. I thought it was quite beautiful, so I decided to post it. Not very interesting, but they go.


Daisy – cover

I made a cover of Daisy by Ashnikko. I think Ashnikkos songs are super cool, and a bit weird, but life isn’t fun without some weird. Tell me what you you think!

Daisy cover by Equate

Reading My Book!

Today I decided to do something a little bit different. Reading the introduction and first chapter of my book. You might already be aware I’m writing a book since I posted about it, but I deleted that post, and here is a better post. I will say! I thought it would be a really clever idea to read the introduction and the first chapter to make it more interesting and “professional”. This is a Narrative poetry book. I love poetry and I love fictional stories, so I thought this would be a perfect combination. Before you listen, just for your knowledge, I am sick, so I apologize for my voice being a little bit weird. I also want to apologize for the very noticeable mouth sounds in the audio. I have a very sensitive microphone. Since I’m sick, my throat is hurting and my mouth is very dry, that’s why I have a lot of saliva.

I am extremely proud of this book and I’m expecting to finish it this year. I have been very distracted lately because of many personal reasons, so I haven’t really felt calm enough to sit down and write. I’m hoping that I will be able to collect myself soon. I have a one week autumn break, that’s in three weeks in which I hope to write a least another chapter. Writing has always been something that makes me calm and relaxed. I have so many ideas for tons of books. I want to write many at the same time, since I have numerous ideas. Writing many is not a problem for me, I love writing, and if I have an idea, why should I wait, I can write the idea down and continue when I feel like writing more, that’s why I have lots off first chapters in tons of folders.

Something that inspires me the most is old fashioned English from the 19th century. I love how formal everyone was to each other, picking out their words with respect. I love to speak formally, but I don’t like dressing formally, like all the women did back then, but I love talking, story telling and explaining about fascinating people with my words. There is this movie that I watched just yesterday called “Enola Holmes”, about a young girl “Enola” who was searching for her missing mother, while using her sleuthing skills to outsmart her big brother Sherlock Holmes. This movie has inspired me a great deal, and given me a ton of ideas. I should say that I am obsessed with the 19th century English and history about that time, in England. I’m not the best at history, but only when it comes to the 19th century, in England of course.

People have asked me why I don’t write a book in Swedish since I’m Swedish. Mainly because I love English, my favourite language, also because if the book gets published many could read it because I’m pretty sure that everybody learns English in school and they take it with them through life. But the full reason is because I want to – Simple!

I haven’t come up with a title for the book yet. In my opinion, the title of a book is one of the most important things since that title attracts attention of the reader. If the title wasn’t interesting you would never pick up the book in the first place. Sometimes the title can be quite boring or too long etc, but the cover could be really cool and amazing and really attract attention, but I want both to be good and eye catching.

There is a point in the reading were I’m supposed to say “you don’t expect wings” but something happened with the audio that made the “expect” disappear, so you know that I meant to say “expect”. Please tell me what you think of it, if you think I should continue, anything I should change? But like I said, I’m very very proud, and I hope you think the same of it as I do.

Introduction and first chapter

Three new Original Songs!

Here are three new original songs that I have made. The first one which is called “but I’m happy now”, I made by using my own lyrics and adding it to music that I found on a YouTube channel called “unfinishedsongs”. It’s a channel that makes a random beat with guitar, drums, piano and more and you can put your own lyrics to it. The second one “Your psycho” I made by using a free rap beat from a channel call “AngelLaCiencia Beats”. It’s a channel that just like “unfinishedsongs”, makes random beats but it’s for rap. This one is really…I should say, weirder than the others. I decided to add opera in the middle of the song, witch made it weirder, but kind of cool. The third one “Power”, I made by using a beat from “MTC Beatz”. That do the same as “AngelLaCiencia Beats”. “But I’m happy now” is a very casual chill song, which has a very good meaning. It’s about: things might not have been great and they probably won’t be super good in the future, but you’re happy no, so don’t waste that moment. The others don’t really have a super powerful meaning, I just did a freestyle rap, and I was just in a “let’s be crazy and make weird songs” mood. I basically just pressed record, and started rapping to a funky beat, which didn’t turn out to shabby. I have written many lyrics but never added music properly, and since I was in this weird mood, I wanted to do something on the spot, that’s why I made three songs at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed listening to them, and please, like I always say, give feedback, it always helps me develop, and I also just like to hear what other people think. I’m becomes sick, or my throat is a bit sore and my nose is a little clogged up so that’s why I’m not singing the best. You might hear at the end of “But I’m happy now” the high note is slightly of, so you know why. I just wanted to post it because, well I just wanted to. Hope it’s not to awkward.

But I’m happy now by Equate, music from “unfinishedsongs”.
Your psycho by Equate, music from “AngelLaCiencia Beats”.
Power by Equate, music from “MTC Beatz”.

My nightmare

This is one of my worst nightmares when I was younger. I used to have this dream quite often, but after a while it stopped. I’m not too sure what the dream stands for, I’ll probably figure it out one day. It’s one of these dreams that’s really hard to explain. I decided to make it into a short story to make it easier. I don’t know why I had it, but it was very unpleasant. I’ve had many strange interesting dreams which are all worth sharing and writing down. So look out for another one! I’ve always been fascinated by this dream even though it’s quite barbaric. Maybe it’s because I haven’t figured it out yet. When I say that I used to have this dream quite often I mean that I would have periods with a certain amount of time, like 1 week, 2 weeks or maybe even a month. And then it would go away and come back. Like I said, it’s very hard to explain, but I think I’ve done it quite well. I would like to hear your point of views on the dream. Why you think it stopped or why you think it continued for so long etc. Basically your feedback.

The Rope. My nightmare.

I slowly opened my eyes, noticing the unfortunate darkness. I’m breathing particularly slow. A thick layer of silence consumes the area. Wanting to move, but have no way to do so. An uncomfortable feeling gets me confused. The room was dark, or at least what I thought was a room. Only a little bit of light makes its way through a small opening in the wall. I couldn’t see if it was a window or a crack. Right in front of me lies a thick rope. Still no sound. It feels like hours have gone by. Suddenly, the rope starts to move. Within a blink of an eye, it wraps around me, tangling me into a knot. It all happens so fast, but at the same time extremely slow. I’m tangled up, feeling completely captured, I can’t even breathe now. Then, it reverses. It goes back the exact same way as it did when it tangled me. The rope is now in the same position, lying right in front of me as it did before. The same thing happens over and over again. It confuses my mind, gets me dizzy, overwhelmed, frightened, and the list goes on. It feels like this event never ends. It never stops. Finally, I sit up. My body is shaking, it’s like I just experienced something totally horrific. It takes me a moment or two to fully realize that it was just a nightmare. I lay back down in bed. Hugging my pillow tight, hoping that I’ll just go back to sleep again.

Weird drawing!

Today I drew this weird drawing while I was in class. It’s supposed to represent a creature (boy or girl) hanging from a tree. It’s a very meaningful drawing. “Kill the one who killed you”, it’s hard to put into words what it means, but I think you’ll figure it out.

I have named the drawing “silence”. And this is my original art work, I haven’t copied it from another artist. I did get inspiration from the Hanging Tree that comes from Hunger Games. I’m actually quite proud of it. I didn’t take the best photo though, sorry about that. Tell me what you think it means in the comments!