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I’m a young teenager, not so serious, mostly quirky. I’m made this blog to simply share my talents and other interesting stuff. I will not be sharing my face or real name, because of various personal reasons, so please respect that, thank you.

I have always wanted things to be formal and perfect. For example, an assignment from a teacher, or having a spotless room. So i’ll be taking extra time to make each post flawless. I simply just want my readers to understand and want to keep reading and not get bored or stumble over the words.

I’ll post some random stuff, for example, “today I tried this new vegan milkshake, it was very good!” and a picture or the drink. And yes I’m a vegan, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with my blog. It’s just a fact. Random fact, I am from Sweden, so I can speak Swedish. I have it’s very easy to learn languages, like Norwegian, very similar to Swedish. Maybe it’s a talent, or maybe I just have a good ear. My mom is from England and my dad is from Sweden. I’m very interested in Anime, so I’m trying to learn Japanese, just so I can watch it in Japanese. Not so interesting, but there it is.

I sing, write, draw and more. If any of that takes your interest, then feel free to stick around. I will be explaining more about my music and my writing on the pages called “My music” and “Writing” in case you want to know more details. I don’t have any other social media accounts, so this is the only place where I can potentially have a little contact with people through comments.

I hope you now have an overview on my blog. I’m really exited to see how this will go. I know I said every post will be perfect, it will be, but maybe just slightly perfect. If you made it to the end, CONGRATULATIONS! You should earn a medal, only joking, I can’t afford that. YET. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or feedback.


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  1. Linda Heintz says:

    I will be happy to follow you and to read you’r thoughts and oppinions about things. And I aggre that the boy/girl sections should be mixed, I think there is alot of kids/people who would choose differently.
    Looking forward to read more from you.

  2. Tom Jonasson says:

    Go girl! You are the best ??

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