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I have been writing long and short stories for so long as I can remember. I’ve always had a million ideas for books. Writing has always given me a possibility to express my emotions and thoughts through fictional characters. I love writing poetry, especially narrative poetry. I love using infrequent words and making the reader confused but at the same time intrigued. I also like writing articles about all types of things. I get really excited when a teacher gives me a assignment to write an article about a famous person or location etc. That’s the part of school that I love the most. I find so much joy making up a life, because it is a life. You’re writing a story about a character, and that character you’re writing about has a life, so technically you are making up a life. What I try to achieve in my writing is so that my reader really believes that this life is real, then I feel that I have really completed my mission, but my mission is also to relax myself, especially my mind. I feel the most calm when I writing.

Here are some of my favourite books: “Vildhäxa, Eldprovet” by Lene Kaaberbøl, “Six cousins at Mistletoe Farm, Six cousins again” by Enid Blyton, “Adventures of the Wishing-Chair” by Enid Blyton, “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, “Frostvandrare” by Filip Rojas Rosenqvist. The last book is more of a picture or illustration book, very fascinating and outstanding. I’m pretty sure that the book was made for younger people, but I can see older ages read this to, it has so much meaning. I just really love the story. I’m very into manga. I love how they draw the pictures, all the emotion is such a wow factor for me, I think it’s so cool.

I read a lot of manga, I take with me a manga book to school everyday and read it on the brakes. I usually finish one book in one day because they’re short, easy to read and the breaks are quite long.

I’m wanting to write many books in the future. I’m really happy that I have this gift of being able to have such a creative mind. I will be sharing the process of books that I’m writing, for example, reading then out loud and recording it, posting short snippets. First I wasn’t thinking of making a separate page for my books and writing, but to me it its own world that needs to be superb.

I have very random ideas, also very odd ideas, but I just consider myself a weird and exceptional writer and author, or should I say upcoming author. I hope that’s you can help me by giving me ideas by commenting. Maybe tell me your favourite book or favourite author. I love getting recommendations, I can always go down to the Central Library and check the author or book out.


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  1. FAUVE says:

    Your creative mind is a gift! I look forward to follow your journey. Remember:
    “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

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