On this page I will only post my covers and original songs. Enjoy listening!

  • Daisy – cover
    I made a cover of Daisy by Ashnikko. I think Ashnikkos songs are super cool, and a bit weird, but life isn’t fun without some weird. Tell me what you you think!
  • Updated version of Moral of the Story
    I re-edited my cover of Moral of the Story. Which version do you think is best?
  • Three new Original Songs!
    Here are three new original songs that I have made. The first one which is called “but I’m happy now”, I made by using my own lyrics and adding it to music that I found on a YouTube channel called “unfinishedsongs”. It’s a channel that makes a random beat with guitar, drums, piano and more… Read more: Three new Original Songs!
  • Moral of the story – Cover!
    I decided to make a cover of Moral of the story by Ashe. So, here it is! Hope you like it.
  • 911 – Cover!
    I made a cover of 911 by Ellise! What do you think? Good?