I am singer and song writer. I also do covers of old and new songs form all genres. I recently took up opera singing lessons, to get a classic education in music. I have been singing all my life but never took any proper lessons. I feel and know that I have a talent for opera and would like to share my voice with the world. Besides my interest in opera I still love every kind of music and i wish that some day I will become an recognised artist. I have decided to go to a musical high school to continue a great education. I have been thinking of taking up YouTube to probably show the world my talent for music since this blog is not a big outstanding blog. Friends have told me that, why should I do a musical career if I have YouTube, since they think that I will be successful. The reason is, one, because I want to, two, because in case the internet social media thing wouldn’t work out, then I would have the opportunity to do something else it’s my life and not just fall apart like some YouTubers do. But I think YouTube will haft to wait until I’m older and I can handle the internet better. I’m a very stressful person so I think that YouTube would be quite stressful and give me anxiety at the moment, and it was just a thought, so nothing is planed. But I’m planning on going to a music University, and that is not because I just feel like I want to be successful and have opportunities, I want to learn about the music, and not just how to sing properly, also about music theory. it’s my interest, my hobby and my life. It makes me happy, so why not continue on that path. I’m very proud of myself and I feel like I have many potentials, and yes, I’m bragging, that’s because like I said I’m proud of myself and I will not feel guilty for that.

I will be showing you my original songs and covers. I don´t have a studio, only three different kinds of microphones and a sound card, but i´m thinking of transforming my guest house into a studio some day. But for now i have what i have, so don´t expect anything super fancy.