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Three new Original Songs!

Here are three new original songs that I have made. The first one which is called “but I’m happy now”, I made by using my own lyrics and adding it to music that I found on a YouTube channel called “unfinishedsongs”. It’s a channel that makes a random beat with guitar, drums, piano and more and you can put your own lyrics to it. The second one “Your psycho” I made by using a free rap beat from a channel call “AngelLaCiencia Beats”. It’s a channel that just like “unfinishedsongs”, makes random beats but it’s for rap. This one is really…I should say, weirder than the others. I decided to add opera in the middle of the song, witch made it weirder, but kind of cool. The third one “Power”, I made by using a beat from “MTC Beatz”. That do the same as “AngelLaCiencia Beats”. “But I’m happy now” is a very casual chill song, which has a very good meaning. It’s about: things might not have been great and they probably won’t be super good in the future, but you’re happy no, so don’t waste that moment. The others don’t really have a super powerful meaning, I just did a freestyle rap, and I was just in a “let’s be crazy and make weird songs” mood. I basically just pressed record, and started rapping to a funky beat, which didn’t turn out to shabby. I have written many lyrics but never added music properly, and since I was in this weird mood, I wanted to do something on the spot, that’s why I made three songs at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed listening to them, and please, like I always say, give feedback, it always helps me develop, and I also just like to hear what other people think. I’m becomes sick, or my throat is a bit sore and my nose is a little clogged up so that’s why I’m not singing the best. You might hear at the end of “But I’m happy now” the high note is slightly of, so you know why. I just wanted to post it because, well I just wanted to. Hope it’s not to awkward.

But I’m happy now by Equate, music from “unfinishedsongs”.
Your psycho by Equate, music from “AngelLaCiencia Beats”.
Power by Equate, music from “MTC Beatz”.